Sunday, March 1, 2009

winter wonderland

As you can tell, I don’t spend much of my time blogging; it isn’t a priority of mine. I probably will type a few more entries during the summer months, but 12 months of the year my priority is being the best partner and mother possible, as well as educate 21 darlings. Did I mention living an authentic life, not one consumed by technology? But, I find myself wanting to feel closer to friends and family located in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, California, Alaska, and ?????. I often wonder what your lives are like. This is my attempt to bridge the gap, and hopefully you will email me and tell me what you are doing. At the end of a week’s vacation from school, Kelly and I dropped Stella off at her Pepe and Gigi’s house where she had a slumber party with her six year-old “hero” and 17 month-old buddy. Then we headed off to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Staying at a lovely Inn in Eaton, NH. We shopped, slept (that never happens anymore!), and relaxed. The highlight was snowshoeing in the White Mountain National Forest. This is my second favorite place in the US (first being Acadia National Park). I feel fully alive in the woods. The feet of snow and mountain lines were gorgeous; I would have loved a professional photographer’s camera. The silence was awe-inspiring. The endorphins were a rush. I’ve enclosed a picture of the two of us ice climbing the Champney Falls (at the conclusion of a steep hike near Mt. Chocorua.

Just kidding! Anyway, this is what we do in New England during the winter months. Can’t wait to hear from you. (